We were crazy enough six years ago to start building Latvian community of developers with regular meetups under the name ‘DevClub’. It wasn’t enough! A year ago we started ‘DevOpsDays’ – one of the biggest conference in Baltics for DevOps professionals. Now we are crazy enough to cooperate with ‘Front-End Meetup Riga’ to organize front-end conference. Jump in and join the conference in June 2018!


“Conference is just a next step in the evolution,” says Osvalds Neiders, the co-founder of the ‘FrontCon’ conference. This is going to be the first ever event in Riga, Latvia to cover only topics focused on front-end developers. “We still don’t know yet how successful it will be, but first signals are very positive. Sponsors are interested, because of the lack of the front-end developers in the market. And the demand is growing all the time. Also front-end developers are willing to leave their sweet spots and jump in into discussions.”

Osvalds is full-time employer in the IT company and says that it is very important for him to work in the company that supports community events. That is the reason why big companies should really be interested to participate. Organizers are happy and proud that such companies as ‘Accenture’, ‘Evolution Latvia’, ‘Draugiem Group’, ‘C.T.Co’ and ‘FullContact’ already joined. Interested in sponsoring or know somebody who would be interested? Drop us a line on info@devclub.lv and let’s see what we can do together.

If you would like to participate, it’s time to grab your ticket now, because it won’t get cheaper than this! Early Bird tickets still available for 149 euro + VAT. Fair enough for two full days of inspiration, isn’t it? Tickets available here.