As FrontCon is approaching us here in Riga, we thought that Jānis Košeļevs, our content group member, should remind us what an amazing event is ahead of us. Find out what he’s excited about this year!

What’s special about this year’s FrontCon?

I think the same thing that made it special last year! This is, as far as I know, the only specifically front-end oriented conference in the Baltic region, and this was kind of a shock for me that nothing like FrontCon had happened here before. The last year’s conference was a blast, and we’re trying to continue the tradition and make it an amazing conference this year, too, by making it bigger and better. This year we’re adding workshops to the mix. There will also be some parallel tracks, more speakers, more talks.

What was your criteria for choosing the speakers?

My considerations were mostly based on what I see in everyday life, what’s happening in the industry and the enterprise, what’s mostly used by developers and what new things they should know. Also, I kept an eye for diversity from all the aspects. It’s a mix of different people: different speakers from different countries and backgrounds, different companies – big and small, so now we have a bigger variety of topics. We want to make all the talks relevant, fun, and interesting, so it’s worth for people to attend and have a great experience by learning something new and valuable, and that way ending up smarter and being willing to join us next year.

What new skills and knowledge have been useful in your life after attending the conference last year?

I was amazed by the depth of a few topics that I thought I knew pretty well since I’ve been in this field for so many years that I’ve even stopped counting. I didn’t think at the time that I know everything, but that I do know a lot; however, after hearing the first speeches I realized that there are so many topics that I thought I know, but I had never realized that there’s so much more to learn about those topics. We want to show how enormous this front-end ecosystem, including its technologies and knowledge, is, therefore we need a place to share the information and come together, that way ending up leaving the place better than we were when we showed up.

What are you looking forward to the most at this year’s conference?

I’m looking forward to meeting amazing people and hearing great talks! I’ve had a lot of fun with the people in discussions and Open space, but I’m also waiting to hear about some specific topics that I’m really interested in at the moment. I didn’t doubt that it’s going to be an amazing conference last year, and I don’t doubt it this year, neither. We have a great team of organizers with a lot of experience on their hands. The previous conference was at a really high level, so I’m looking forward to having at least so much fun as it was last year.