We should admit that first days after announcing call for papers were a bit stressed. No speakers? Really??? BUT! Everything turned out to be just awesome! Here are some of the best we already picked. More to come, and you can still apply here till March 27. Don’t miss the opportunity to be on the stage at first ever event in Riga fully dedicated to front-end.


“It is a good feeling to have foreign speakers on board although I know a lot of local talents. Some of them are already invited,” says Osvalds Neiders, the co-founder of the ‘FrontCon’ conference. “This is the great opportunity for local crowd to share their unique knowledge so I encourage everyone to think of the interesting topic and apply!” All new trends are especially welcomed, for example, virtual reality or alternatives of the JavaScript. But organizing team will carefully evaluate each and every application so there is a chance for everyone. These guys are already approved.

We are happy that Pavel Jelisejev decided to join us representing the local crowd of cool people. His daily job is connected with the company ‘C.T.Co’. Pavel is a software developer working mostly on web applications. Pavels has been on both sides – backend and frontend – and he has used different languages as well: “We now often have to build applications with multiple user interfaces – web, desktop, mobile, watch, you name it. This makes maintaining a single generic backend fit for all UIs difficult. This talk will explore how the Backend For Frontend pattern and GraphQL can address this issue. Let’s explore the way of how to build better API’s when your application has multiple different user interfaces.”

Denis Radin is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He is JavaScript engineer working on state of the Art 3d games at ‘Evolution Gaming’. He is launching JavaScript into space and stratosphere in spare time and believes that this is a sunrise of interactive revolution. Denis will bring to Riga talk about possibilities to move web applications into virtual reality: “Facebook bought Oculus Rift. HTC is investing 10 billions in VR application for developers. Sony develops VR for PlayStation. Nintendo announces going VR. Virtual Reality is booming and number of households having VR doubles every month. The same happens with numbers of VR applications. However it is still not possible to bring best UI development practices into Virtual Reality. So what should we do?” Denis promises to give answers during his speech in ‘FrontCon’ in Riga.

After spending some quality time in the trenches of legacy software, Sven Decker leads a team of full-stack developers, designers and UX specialists at the German eCommerce company ‘real.digital’. He takes great pride in providing their 10+ million visitors per month with an ever-improving online shopping experience. Sven will have an exciting topic for conference in Riga – going mobile in e-commerce: “Mobile traffic is consistently increasing its lead over desktop every year, but just a few websites provide their mobile audience with an enjoyable experience. Especially in eCommerce, this translates directly into bounced users, missed conversions and lost revenue. Let’s find out how to get up to speed!